Esther spins wriggling between its jagged halves, falling towards the rose window even as the window tilts. It’s all photo-clear. Yang says Whoa. The buttress bows outward and shears. Her fall takes time. Her body rotates slowly through the air, trails a gauze comet. The rose rushes up at her. A mile-high man could catch and cup her among the falling stars.
From David Foster Wallace’s Brief Interviews with Hideous Men
Somebody fell off that fat guy.  Where’d she go?

Somebody fell off that fat guy.  Where’d she go?

The Swell Season - Fallen from the Sky

Pretty self-explanatory.  Falling from the sky, falling apart, etc, etc.  I saw these guys at Veselka once.  I read on Wikipedia that they broke up.  Also that someone committed suicide by jumping onto the stage of one of the last shows they played together.

"You must have fallen from the sky
You must have come here on the wrong way
You came among us every time
But now you’re on your own

If you need somewhere to fall apart
Somewhere to fall apart”


Mercury Rev - Opus 40

"And slamming her eyes, locking the door,
She collapses down upon the ocean floor…”

But actually, a great song.


The Cars - Drive

This winning song made it onto the “Squid and the Whale” soundtrack.  Especially note the part 50 seconds in, when that bitch draws all over the wall like some kind of whacko.  Someone pay attention to my dreams.

“who’s gonna pick you up
when you fall?
who’s gonna hang it up
when you call?
who’s gonna pay attention
to your dreams?
who’s gonna plug their ears
when you scream?”


The Cure - Catch from tognhe on Vimeo.

The Cure - Catch

"And she used to fall down a lot
That girl was always falling
Again and again”